Stapler Office Supplies

Aiden Hayes
22 min readMar 14, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the top stapler office supplies on the market! In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the most popular and effective options available to help you stay organized and productive in your workspace. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the perfect stapler for your needs.

The Top 19 Best Stapler Office Supplies

  1. Effortless 240-Sheet Heavy Duty Office Stapler — Effortlessly bind up to 240 pages with the Frifreego Heavy Duty Stapler — your go-to solution for industrial, school or commercial stapling needs, featuring 8 staple sizes, a super capacity, and an adjustable paper guide for wrinkle-free results.
  2. Durable Swingline Commercial Electric Stapler — 20-Sheet Capacity for Busy Offices — The Swingline Commercial Electric Stapler boasts a 20-sheet capacity, precise staple alignment, and a sturdy design with suction cups for secure use, making it a top choice for busy offices seeking reliable performance.
  3. Heavy-Duty Office Stapler for Multi-Sheet Stapling — Staple like a pro with Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Stapler, perfect for fast-paced office environments with its durable design, easy-to-use features, and ability to staple up to 120 sheets of standard weight paper at a time.
  4. Durable Office Stapler for 90 Sheets — Staple any challenge with this heavy-duty all-metal stapler capable of stapling up to 90 sheets in a single go, offering unmatched precision and durability for your busy office environment.
  5. Heavy-Duty Stapler for Office Use: 1000 Staples and 100 Sheet Capacity — Experience heavy-duty stapling capabilities with the Mr. Pen Stapler, designed for up to 100 sheets of 20lb paper and offering a comfortable, high-strength stapling experience in your office supply essentials.
  6. High-Capacity, Versatile Office Stapler with No-Jam Technology — Bostitch’s Office Heavy Duty 40 Sheet Stapler, now in Navy Blue, boasts powerful No-Jam technology and a compact, half-strip design for ultimate convenience in any workspace.
  7. Heavy-Duty, Flat Clinch Stapler for High-Volume Commercial Stapling — Staple with ease in high-volume environments with this heavy-duty, ultra-light touch stapler capable of handling up to 150 sheets.
  8. PraxxisPro Oregon Heavy-Duty Stapler — Eco-Friendly and Non-Slip Design — Experience the PraxxisPro Oregon Stapler’s ergonomic design, heavy-duty functionality, and versatile tacking capabilities, all while protecting your desk surfaces with its non-slip, soft rubber base — and enjoy a box of premium standard staples included!
  9. Versatile Office Stapler for Shared Spaces — Stay organized and efficient at your desk with the Amazon Basics 10-Sheet Stapler, featuring 160 staples, a full rubber base for secure performance, and a matte black finish for a sleek appearance.
  10. Stylish and Practical Office Stapler with Durable Design and Rubber Bottom — The Vibranz-lab Modern Office Floral Stapler is a chic yet practical choice for your desk, supporting thicker, longer staples and equipped with a sturdy design.
  11. Durable Desktop Stapler with 640 Staples and 25 Sheet Capacity — Revolutionize your everyday stapling with the durable Desktop Deli Stapler, offering a 25-sheet capacity and 640 staples included. Perfect for schools, offices, and home life!
  12. Efficient 20-Sheet Capacity Office Stapler — The Staples One-Touch CX-4 stapler is a compact, ergonomic, and efficient solution for all your stapling needs, with a sleek black and gray design and the ability to staple up to 20 sheets at a time.
  13. Eco-Friendly Stapler and Tape Dispenser Set for Women — This versatile and eco-friendly Green Office Supplies set includes a high-quality Stapler and Tape Dispenser, staples, staple remover, and more, perfect for school, office, or travel use!
  14. Poppin Blush Stapler for Efficient Paper Bonding — Combine papers effortlessly with the Poppin Love-at-First-Sight blush stapler, featuring a sleek, durability-enhanced design that accommodates multiple staple sizes and staples up to 20 sheets of paper at once.
  15. Powerful Office Electric Stapler with EBS Rapid 66 Staples — The Salco R105E Electric Stapler is a versatile and efficient office supply, perfect for swiftly securing documents with its EBS (Extra-Fast Bottom Stapling) technology and capacity for up to 66 staples per load.
  16. Ergonomic Heavy-Duty Stapler for Convenient Stapling — M Maketheone Heavy Duty Staplers Office offers an ergonomic design with effortless stapling, ensuring comfort and reliability in your busy workplace.
  17. Effortless Stapler: Quiet, Durable, and Ergonomic for Busy Workspaces — Effortlessly staple up to 40 sheets with this ergonomic, quiet, and heavy-duty stapler — perfect for your office.
  18. Efficient One-Finger Stapler for Office Use — The Bostitch PaperPro Stapler is a lightweight and compact tool with one-finger stapling power, ideal for smooth, jam-free stapling of up to 20 sheets of paper and features a built-in staple remover and storage compartment.
  19. Stapler for Effortless 20-Sheet Work — Staple up to 20 sheets of paper with ease and comfort using the PaperPro Inspire 20 Desktop Stapler Black, featuring one-finger spring-powered technology for a smoother and 80% easier stapling experience.

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🔗Effortless 240-Sheet Heavy Duty Office Stapler


Flexible binders meet the needs of your job: The Frifreego Heavy Duty Stapler offers a wide range of staple sizes, making it a versatile office companion. Its labor-saving design promotes safety and comfort, while its super capacity allows for up to 240 pages of binding without needing to reload.

The adjustable paper guide and deep throat ensure smooth binding for all kinds of work. Frifreego wishes you success in your endeavors and a delightful life ahead! .

🔗Durable Swingline Commercial Electric Stapler — 20-Sheet Capacity for Busy Offices


Using this Swingline Commercial Electric Stapler in my busy office has been a game-changer. I’ve noticed it’s incredibly efficient, stapling up to 20 sheets at a time, making it perfect for handling multiple tasks with ease. The stapler’s secure design keeps it stable, even when in use.

However, I did feel that the adjustable paper guide could use a bit more precision to ensure perfect alignment. Still, having the rubber feet on the bottom adds durability and traction, and I’ve truly appreciated the performance guarantee it comes with. This stapler has made my office life so much smoother.

🔗Heavy-Duty Office Stapler for Multi-Sheet Stapling


In my daily life, I’ve come to rely on the Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Stapler for its unparalleled durability and efficiency. The fast-paced nature of my work often requires me to staple multiple sheets of paper at once, and this stapler has proven to be a worthy companion. Its heavy-duty design allows it to handle up to 120 sheets of standard weight paper, making it ideal for those who value quick and seamless performance.

The stapler’s sliding, integrated graduation mechanism is a standout feature, providing exceptional precision and ensuring that staples are evenly placed on the papers. This attention to detail sets it apart from other staplers on the market.

While the stapler is undoubtedly robust, its non-slip base is particularly noteworthy. It provides a solid grip, ensuring the stapler stays firmly in place while leveraging the paper. However, I must mention that the stapler’s jam-free mechanism, though intended to make my life easier, has never quite lived up to the hype.

In conclusion, the Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Stapler is a reliable and efficient office supply for those who need to staple multiple sheets with ease. Its heavy-duty design, precise stapling mechanism, and non-slip base make it a top choice for busy professionals. Despite the minor flaw with the jam-free mechanism, this stapler has proven to be an invaluable tool in my day-to-day work life.

🔗Durable Office Stapler for 90 Sheets


I recently stumbled upon the Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Stapler, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer in the world of office supplies! This stapler can handle up to 90 sheets of standard weight paper at once — I know, it’s wild! The all-metal design gives me confidence that it’ll hold up even in the most chaotic of workspaces.

But, as with any good tool, it’s not without its pros and cons. One downside I’ve noticed is that it’s not the most compact option, taking up a bit more space on my desk than I’d prefer. And sometimes, the non-slip base isn’t as effective as I’d like when I’m really pushing down on it.

Overall, though, this stapler has been a reliable addition to my daily routine. Its heavy-duty capabilities and all-metal build make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to streamline their office workflow.

🔗Heavy-Duty Stapler for Office Use: 1000 Staples and 100 Sheet Capacity


The Mr. Pen Heavy Duty Stapler in my daily life proved to be a reliable workhorse in my office.

I used this stapler to bind thicker documents like project reports and even stapled multiple sheets together without any hiccups. The comfort design of the stapler made it easy to use, even with 100 sheets. However, I realized that this stapler is quite particular about the size of the staples; it won’t work with anything apart from heavy-duty staples.

Despite this limitation, the Mr. Pen stapler has become my go-to device for stapling in my office.

🔗High-Capacity, Versatile Office Stapler with No-Jam Technology


I’ve tried using the Bostitch Office Flat Clinch 40-Sheet Stapler and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer! This stapler’s small size and hefty build easily fit into the palm of my hand, making it incredibly convenient to use.

The stapler’s most impressive feature is its ability to staple up to 40 sheets — double the capacity of a standard stapler. I tried it out and it lived up to the claim! No more wrestling with stapling a single page; this bad boy handles multiple pages with ease, including even thicker materials like cardstock.

One additional feature I loved was the flat clinch design. It’s brilliant — the staples are flattened out after use, creating a neater stack of papers. This small detail really makes a difference, especially in a work or study environment where neatness matters.

However, there was one downside I encountered. While the stapler is quite powerful, the heavy-duty design sometimes made it difficult to open for use, especially when I tried to staple more than 20 sheets at a time. It could use a little extra effort to help with the opening process.

Despite this minor inconvenience, I find the Bostitch Office Flat Clinch 40-Sheet Stapler an absolute asset at my desk. Its durability, user-friendly features, and the fact that it fits into the palm of your hand really make it perfect for a busy workspace. This compact, heavy-duty stapler deserves all the praises it’s getting from its users.

🔗Heavy-Duty, Flat Clinch Stapler for High-Volume Commercial Stapling


I recently tried out the Max 150 Sheet Heavy Duty Flat Clinch Stapler and it exceeded my expectations. This stapler is perfect for bustling office environments like mailrooms, file rooms, and copy rooms. One of the highlights for me was its ultra-light touch closing action which made it so much easier to staple large stacks of paper without straining my wrist. The stapler’s ability to clinch staples totally flat created neater stacks of papers, making my desk look all the more organized.

However, one con I encountered was that the adjustable paper stop was a bit tricky to manipulate initially, but once I got the hang of it, it became quite useful in adjusting the throat depth. All in all, this product is a must-have in any busy office setting, providing the perfect blend of efficiency and style.

🔗PraxxisPro Oregon Heavy-Duty Stapler — Eco-Friendly and Non-Slip Design


As a stapler enthusiast, I was immediately drawn to the PraxxisPro Oregon Stapler. The sleek red design matched the color scheme of my office perfectly and its long-reach design made it easy to staple even the toughest materials. The stapler was easy to use, smoothly closing with a satisfying click.

One of my favorite features was the built-in staple remover. It made removing staples a breeze and saved me time from having to manually remove them. Another highlight was the soft base that protected my desk from scratches, making it safe for all desk surfaces.

However, I did notice that the stapler was a bit bulky and might not fit neatly in some desk drawers. Additionally, some staples did get jammed, but the built-in staple remover made it easy to clear them without any fuss. Overall, I’d highly recommend the PraxxisPro Stapler for anyone in need of a reliable and functional office tool.

🔗Versatile Office Stapler for Shared Spaces


I recently started using the Amazon Basics Office Stapler in my daily life, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer! This sleek, sturdy stapler has a capacity of up to 200 staples and can handle 10 sheets at a time. Its design is not only stylish but also functional — it comes with a convenient staple remover and a reversible anvil for pinning documents.

One of the standout features for me is its full rubber base that keeps the stapler securely in place during use, preventing any slipping or skidding. This makes it an ideal choice for shared workspaces or even for those who just want a reliable stapler at home. Not to mention, the matte black finish gives it a professional look that blends seamlessly with any office setting.

While using this stapler, I did notice that it’s slightly smaller than I expected, but that didn’t affect its performance. It’s surprisingly easy to load and operates with a satisfying strong action. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting such great quality from a product at this price point, but the Amazon Basics Office Stapler really exceeded my expectations. It’s reliable, user-friendly, and looks great too. A definite must-have for office and home use!

🔗Stylish and Practical Office Stapler with Durable Design and Rubber Bottom


I’ve been using this adorable Vibranz-lab stapler for a while now, and it’s made office tasks a breeze. Not only does it look cute with its floral design, but it’s also built like a sturdy workmate. Its rubber base keeps it planted right where I need it, and the stapling capacity is impressive, able to handle 20 sheets with ease.

One downside is that the staples aren’t included, so be sure to keep that in mind before purchasing. However, it’s a small issue when you consider its practicality and durability. It’s a perfect gift for the stationery lover in your life or even a nifty addition to your own desk setup. Overall, I’ve been extremely pleased with this vibrant and efficient stapler.

🔗Durable Desktop Stapler with 640 Staples and 25 Sheet Capacity


I recently tried out the Deli Stapler in my daily life, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my office needs. This stapler has a sleek design and a strong build that makes it a reliable choice for stapling documents. One of the standout features is its rotatable anvil, which allows for temporary or permanent stapling depending on your needs.

The 25 sheet capacity is convenient, and the included 640 staples are a great addition. However, I did notice that it can be a bit challenging to fully close the stapler, requiring more force to staple effectively. Despite this minor inconvenience, the stapler is securely anchored in place thanks to its full rubber base, preventing any skidding or slipping during use.

Overall, the Deli Stapler is a solid choice for schools, offices, and home use. Its durable materials and versatile stapling options make it a reliable addition to any workspace.

🔗Efficient 20-Sheet Capacity Office Stapler


Experience the convenience of the Staples One-Touch CX-4 in your day-to-day life. This compact and user-friendly stapler fits perfectly in any drawer or bag, making it a must-have companion during important business meetings or in a classroom setting. The ergonomic design of the stapler allows you to easily staple up to 20 sheets with minimal effort, thanks to its innovative One-Touch technology. The flat-stacking feature ensures neat and organized stacking of the stapled items.

Our reviewers have shared their positive experiences with this stapler. Some have praised its ability to staple papers with ease, while others appreciated its compact size and one-touch functionality. However, a few users have reported issues with the stapler jamming, causing frustration and inconvenience. Overall, the Staples One-Touch CX-4 is a handy tool, ideal for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient stapler in their office or daily life.

🔗Eco-Friendly Stapler and Tape Dispenser Set for Women


I recently came across the UPIHO Teal Desk Accessories set, and I must say, it’s become a staple (pun intended) in my daily work routine. The stapler and tape dispenser set are not only practical and reliable, but they look fantastic on my desk. The green office supplies are a perfect blend of durability and elegance, which is just what I need to stay organized and productive.

The set comes with a wide array of accessories, from staples and push pins to small and big clips, and even colorful tabs with a built-in ruler. It’s like having a complete desk makeover, and I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment every time I use it. Plus, the design is a breath of fresh air from the typical boring office supplies — it’s the perfect pop of color to brighten up my workspace.

One of my favorite aspects of this set is its portability. When I need to take my supplies on the go, I can easily stow them in my bag without worrying about them taking up too much space. And when I’m back at my desk, the accessories are a cinch to organize and store.

The UPIHO Teal Desk Accessories set would make a fantastic gift for anyone looking to upgrade their office supplies. Whether it’s for a coworker, friend, or even yourself, this set is sure to bring a smile to their face and a newfound sense of organization to their day.

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with the UPIHO Teal Desk Accessories set. It’s the perfect combination of functionality, style, and practicality — a must-have for any office or school environment.

🔗Poppin Blush Stapler for Efficient Paper Bonding


Last week, I decided to add some pop to my workspace by giving the Poppin Blush stapler a try. The sleek lacquer-like design really caught my attention, and I was eager to see if it could match its looks with functionality.

For starters, the magazine-style stapler can hold up to 20 sheets of paper, which came in handy for my long report. The fact that it accepts both full-size and half-strip staples is a nice feature, making it versatile for different types of projects. But what truly stood out was the sturdy steel construction. It is solid and feels durable, which gives you that extra bit of confidence when stapling important documents.

However, as with any roundup review, there’s no escaping some less pleasant aspects. For instance, I found that the stapler tends to jam, especially when stapling fewer sheets of paper. It can be quite frustrating when you’re in the middle of a project and the machine decides not to cooperate. And let’s not forget about the occasional misalignment that leaves scratches on the paper.

Overall, while the Poppin Blush stapler has its pros, it also has its drawbacks. It’s a fun addition to any workspace, but it’s certainly not without its quirks.

🔗Powerful Office Electric Stapler with EBS Rapid 66 Staples


I’ve recently started using the Salco R105E Electric Stapler, and I must say, it’s been a game changer in my daily tasks at work. The stapler is quite user-friendly, and the rapid 66 staples feature makes it super fast to secure paperwork. However, it occasionally jams, which can be a bit frustrating at times.

Overall, it’s a pretty reliable office supply that I’m glad I found.

🔗Ergonomic Heavy-Duty Stapler for Convenient Stapling


Imagine you’re in the office, surrounded by piles of documents that need to be stapled together. With the M MAKETHEONE Heavy Duty Staplers, your days of struggling with traditional, clunky staplers will be a thing of the past. This modern marvel is designed to make your life easier, both in terms of effort and time.

As you pick up the stapler, you’ll notice its ergonomic design, which allows for a soft touch and a comfortable grip. Say goodbye to sore thumbs and wasted energy; this stapler staples 60 sheets effortlessly! It even has a nifty one-click pop-up staple container and a low staple indicator, so you know exactly when it’s time to refill.

The compact design is a blessing for those with limited desk space. The stapler’s size fits perfectly on any workspace, thanks to its small footprint. But don’t let its size fool you; this stapler is built to last. The durable plastic housing safeguards the internal metal stapling mechanism, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable stapling experience that won’t let you down.

This stapler is perfect for any office setting, securing up to 60 sheets of paper and working best with standard 24/6 & 24/8, 23/6~23/10 staples. Its full anti-slip rubber base guarantees stability and protection for your desk, and the specialized inner rail minimizes the risk of paper jams, making your experience seamless and hassle-free.

And if you’re not completely satisfied, M MAKETHEONE offers a no-questions-asked return policy, giving you peace of mind when making your purchase. Experience the difference with the M MAKETHEONE Heavy Duty Staplers — the smart choice for your office needs.

🔗Effortless Stapler: Quiet, Durable, and Ergonomic for Busy Workspaces


As a writer who has used the Deli Effortless Desktop Stapler, I can confidently say that it has made my life easier at the office. This stapler has an impressive staple capacity of 40–50 sheets, compared to standard staplers that can only manage 20. It’s really convenient when dealing with multiple sheets or bulky documents.

One of the most appealing aspects of this stapler is its easy one-finger touch stapling feature. It saves time and effort, making repetitive tasks a breeze. The ergonomic design is another great plus, helping anyone to avoid hand cramps while stapling.

Another significant advantage is that this stapler is whisper-quiet, making it ideal for use in both noisy and silent environments. The stapler’s build quality makes it feel like a heavy-duty tool, and the load button is so easy to use, it only takes a few seconds to reload.

What I also found noteworthy is the delivery of 1,500 staples with the stapler. It’s a nice addition that helps cut down the cost of replacement. Considering its features, functionality, and long-life guarantee, this Deli Effortless Desktop Stapler is a fantastic investment that justifies its price tag.

🔗Efficient One-Finger Stapler for Office Use


I recently had the chance to use the Bostitch PaperPro Stapler in my daily life, and I have to say, it’s quite a sturdy and effective little tool. This compact stapler was able to handle up to 15 sheets of paper with ease, all thanks to its one-finger operation. The ease of use was definitely a standout feature for me, as it made stapling so much quicker and more hassle-free.

On the other hand, the stapler did have a few downsides that I found a bit annoying. The most noticeable was the occasional jamming issue, which caused me to have to stop and fix the problem or reload the stapler. However, it was rare and didn’t happen too often.

The design of the stapler was pretty user-friendly, with the nonslip handle and base making it quite stable during use. I loved that it could stand both horizontally and vertically, which made it easy to store or keep on my desk. The built-in staple remover and integrated staple storage compartment were also handy additions.

Overall, this Bostitch PaperPro Stapler is a solid choice for anyone looking for a powerful, compact stapler to tackle their paper-related tasks. Just keep in mind that there may be the occasional jamming issue that can slow things down.

🔗Stapler for Effortless 20-Sheet Work


I was a bit skeptical when I first tried the PaperPro Inspire 20 Desktop Stapler, mainly because I’ve always had trouble with staplers causing hand cramps. But this little beauty surprised me! . With its one-finger spring-powered technology, I barely have to use any force to staple up to 20 sheets of paper.

The curved design also adds a touch of comfort, reducing strain as I staple away. However, one downside I’ve noticed is that it can be quite noisy, especially when working on a stack of papers. Considering the ease of use and reduced stress on my hands, though, I’d say it’s worth it.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide for office supplies, specifically staplers. In this section, you’ll find information on essential features to look for, considerations when purchasing, and general advice to ensure you choose the right stapler for your needs.


Types of Office Staplers

There are several types of office staplers available on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. Here are the most common types you’ll encounter:

  1. Manual staplers, 2. Electronic staplers, and 3. Mini staplers. Consider your budget, the amount of use, and required staple size when deciding which type is best for you.

Capacity and Staple Size

When shopping for a stapler, pay attention to its capacity and staple size. The capacity refers to the number of staples it can hold at a time. A larger capacity may be more convenient for use in heavy-duty tasks. Staple size can vary depending on the type of paper you’ll be working with (e. g. , standard, long, or extra-long paper). Choose a stapler with a staple size suitable for your needs.


Sturdiness and Comfort

A stapler that feels flimsy or uncomfortable to use may reduce efficiency and cause stress. Look for staplers with solid construction and ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip. Also, consider the weight and size of the stapler to ensure it fits well on your desk or in your bag for portability purposes.

Features and Accessories

Some office staplers come with additional features or accessories. For instance, a built-in paper cutter or a staple remover can be handy in certain situations. Additionally, consider purchasing a staple refill holder to keep your staples organized and readily available. Assessing your specific needs and evaluating these features can help you find the right stapler for your office.



What is a stapler?

A stapler is an office supply tool that is primarily used to fasten sheets of paper or other materials together. It consists of a small reloadable unit with a mechanism that inserts and secures a small metal staple through sheets of paper, holding them together firmly. Staplers are available in various sizes, types, and designs to cater to different needs and preferences.

Today, staplers are not only used for binding papers but can also be used for securing items such as fabric, foam, or materials for crafting purposes. Different stapler models have different features and capabilities, such as the ability to staple multiple sheets at once or in various order, or the option of using different staple sizes and lengths.


What are the benefits of using staplers in the office?

Staplers offer several advantages in the office setting, including convenience, time-saving, and improved organization. They make it easy and quick to bind important documents, such as reports, invoices, and project proposals, with minimal effort. Staplers help keep documents neat, organized, and readily accessible, which can save time when searching for specific information.

Moreover, staplers can prevent the inconvenience and potential damage caused by paper clips. They offer a stronger and more permanent bond, making the documents less likely to fall apart or get misplaced. Staplers are also eco-friendly, as they help prevent the creation of excess waste by reducing the need for additional paper fasteners such as paper clips or rubber bands.

What are the most important features to consider when buying a stapler?

Some key features to consider when purchasing a stapler include the type of stapler, its capacity, adjustability, and ease of use. Different stapler types, such as manual, electric, or pneumatic, have varying capabilities and may be more suitable for certain tasks. For instance, a heavy-duty manual stapler could work well for consistently stapling thicker items, whereas an electric stapler might be more efficient for high-volume jobs.

Another important factor is the capacity of the staple feed, which determines how many staples the stapler can hold at once. Stapler capacity can range from a few staples to over a hundred, depending on the model. Adjustability is also a crucial feature, as staplers with adjustable settings can provide more flexibility in terms of staple length and width. Finally, a convenient-to-use stapler is more likely to be accepted and well-utilized by the entire office.


What is the difference between a manual stapler and an electric stapler?

A manual stapler is a stapler operated by hand and typically requires the user to press down on a metal handle to function. They are more compact and portable, often making it easier to take them from desk to desk or use them when working on-the-go. Additionally, manual staplers are generally less expensive than their electric counterparts.

On the other hand, electric staplers require an external power source to operate. They are generally faster and more efficient than manual staplers, as they can staple sheets of paper at a faster rate with less effort. Electric staplers often have features such as jumbo staples or stacking capabilities, which can be beneficial for large volumes of paperwork. However, they are typically more expensive, occupy more desk space, and may need occasional maintenance for optimum performance.

Is it safe to reuse a staple?

It is generally not recommended to reuse a staple, as doing so can compromise its durability and reliability. Staples that have been used once may have lost their sharpness or strength, making it difficult for them to penetrate and secure the paper properly. Using a dull, worn-out staple can also cause the stapler itself to become damaged or less effective over time.

Additionally, reusing a staple can transfer bacteria or other unwanted contaminants between surfaces, which can be a potential health concern in the workplace. To ensure cleanliness and maintain the integrity of the stapling process, it is best to discard used staples and use new ones for each new document.

How do I maintain and clean my stapler?

To maintain and clean your stapler, start by emptying the staple container and removing any excess staples from the stapling mechanism. This can help prevent dust, dirt, or paper debris from building up inside the stapler, which can impact its performance and longevity. Clean the exterior of the stapler using a soft, damp cloth to remove any smudges, fingerprints, or dirt.

If your stapler is not functioning properly or you notice any performance issues, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or contact customer support for troubleshooting advice. Proper maintenance, such as cleaning the stapler regularly and following its manufacturer-specific recommendations, can help extend its lifespan and keep it in good working condition.

As an Amazon Associate; we earn from qualified purchases.